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Tezdice.Com Casino Review

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Please ensure that gambling is legal in your jurisdiction, TezDice is an Online Gaming site and may not be legal in all places. It is your responsibility to know your local laws. By using this site you agree that it is legal to do so where you are.

The first and only gambling website that supports Tezos. Join us for endless rewards possibilities! Normally the only way to make money would be through betting. But with our system thanks to the Tezos protocol, your $XTZ will be always earning rewards through baking.* All Investors with a balance on our bankroll will earn rewards every cycle. This is why everybody’s a winner!

Casino Link Tezdice.Com
License N/A
Withdraw No Limit
Deposit Options TEZ Coins
Bonus N/A
Games Fair Game
Language English


Are the bets fair?

All bets made are provably fair. How does this work? Before each bet is made a hash is generated from a salt and server secret, and revealed to the client. When a bet is placed this hash is sent along with a custom client seed and a target range to win. The bet engine then combines the client seed and server secret, and produces an output result. If it matches the range the bet is a win, if not then a loss. In this way we have pre-generated our half of the formula and the client is free to choose their seed and target range. A script on the casino verifies each bet with the now revealed secret and salt to ensure that all bets have used the pregenerated hash and are subsequently proven to be fair. If you still doubt the fairness it is possible to verify your bet by taking the information from the bet id page and using an independent verifier.

How do I fund my account/deposit coins?

In the top navigation bar click your username and select deposit. After the deposit pop-up appears you may need to click the refresh icon to generate a new deposit address. Please ensure you are depositing the correct coin to the correct address or you may loose your deposit. You may use the same deposit address for multiple deposits of the same coin. We currently support Tezos Coin TEZ/XTZ.

How many confirmations are required for deposits?

Tezos deposits are available after 10 confirmations

How do I play?

Instructions are provided under the info button at the top of the game box.


After funding your account, adjust the wager amount and/or the multiplier/chance to a value of your choice. Pressing either the High or Low button will start the bet sequence. The result is then shown below in the My Bets tab and the All Bets tab. If you wish to see the hash of the server secret or to set a custom seed, click on the Scales button at the top of the game. You may choose any numeric seed with a value between 0 and 4294967295 or you can optionally use the built in crypto secure randomizer to randomly generate a new seed for each bet.

Can I play for free?

Yes, By visiting the faucet tab you can claim free TEZ coin every 5 minutes with a limit of 10 times per 24 hours. The faucet reward is determined by multiplying 0.01 TEZ with your userlevel.

Is it possible to invest in the house?

Yes, you can be part of the house by investing in our bankrolls. Do not invest funds you can not afford to lose. It is possible to profit from investing but there is no guarantee. TezDice takes 40% commission of the house edge on every bet made against the bankroll.

What is kelly?

Kelly criterion is like leverage, you can raise or lower the risk that you want to take investing.

With 0.5% kelly you will only risk a maximum of 0.5% of your total investment in a single bet.

While with 3% kelly you will risk a maximum of 3% of your total investment in a single bet.

Do the bankrolls stake?

Yes, we charge a small fee on rewards of 10%(currently free). Staked coins are paid out based on investors share of invested coins.

What if I can not stop?

If you have a problem gambling there are various services available. Please see,, and or search google for many more. Remember you can lose when playing and only risk what you are willing to lose. TezDice is not responsible for mistaken bets or funds lost with betting bots.

Private chat messages:

You can send private messages to users by using the command /pm [username] [text] (ex. /pm professor hey)

Tipping Users:

If you wish to help someone out you can tip other users within TezDice without having to withdraw your coins to an outside wallet. Simply type /tip [username] [amount] [coin] (ex. /tip Yuri 0.001 Tez) and the coins will be transferred instantly. If the receiver wishes to see his balance update immediately they will have to click on the refresh balance button on top otherwise it will update automatically after 10 seconds. Optionally you may add “private” to the end of the tip and the tip will be sent silently in chat. Please use caution when tipping users and do not loan coins to those you do not trust.

If you wish to help everyone out, you can Make it Rain! Just type /rain [amount] [type] (eg. /rain 1000 Tez) and the bot will tip all qualified users in chat with a share of the amount you sent.

Rains are intended to reward active users on the site. In order to qualify for rain, you must be level 1 or higher, must be active in chat during the last hour and complete the wagered requirement.

Rain Requirements:

Users must be active in chat and have wagered in the the respected currencies in order to qualify for rain.

TEZ 10 / 24 Hours

User Levels:

Levels are advanced by wagering on any currency. The different levels are:

LEVEL 0: 0-1000 TEZ





LEVEL 5: 16K-32K TEZ

LEVEL 6: 32K-64K TEZ

LEVEL 7: 64K-128K TEZ

LEVEL 8: 128K-256K TEZ

LEVEL 9: 256K-512K TEZ

LEVEL 10: 512K-1024K TEZ

LEVEL 11: 1024K-2048K TEZ

LEVEL 12: 2048K-4096K TEZ

LEVEL 13: 4096K-8192K TEZ

LEVEL 14: 8192K-16384K TEZ

LEVEL 15: Over 16384K TEZ

Levels are shown in chat with stars. An half star is equal to 1 level and a full star is equal to 2 levels. So for example a user of level 3 would show 1 full and 1 half star. Users level 11 and over are shown with full red stars.

What are levels used for?

For catching rain you must be level 1 or higher.

For posting links in chat you must be level 2 or higher

Inceased faucet rewards for users with higher levels.

Are there any bonuses?

Every week we host a leaderboard contest with progressive prizes for each currency. At the end of each week prizes are paid to the top 10 most wagered.

How do Jackpots work?

You can win a jackpot on each currency by rolling a raw outcome within this range 0-4295 which is 0.0000 on dice.

The chance to hit the jackpot is one in a million bets with the prize amount depending on your betsize.

Take a look at the jackpots tab for more detailed information about the jackpots.

Is there an Affiliate or Refferal program?

Yes, we pay you 5% of the house-edge in commission on every bet placed by your referrals

The Features of Tezdice.Com:

Proven Technology

All systems at TezDice have been rigorously tested and battle hardened to ensure that the most consistent fair and secure platform is available at all times for your enjoyment and protection.

Provably Fair

All investor based games are based on our industry standard provably fair betting system with each result open for and inspection preventing any form of house manipulation of bet results.

Mobile Friendly

Our website is mobile friendly and will adapt intelligently to displays across all devices from mobile phones, to tablets and desktop computers without loss of functionality. This allows you to play our games from any location.

Investor Based Bankroll

Be a part of the site bankroll and invest your coins with us. Investors provide the bankroll against which bets are placed, earning a share of the house edge. We offer variable kelly options to allow the investor the option to risk a little or a lot depending on their choice. Investors also receive staking rewards every cycle.

Community Driven

We intend to actively engage with our community, catering to their wishes and heeding their advice whenever possible. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them. If you have complaints, tell us! If you’re happy, tell your friends!

Weekly Prizes

Prizes paid out weekly for the top 10 players as well as random prizes throughout the week such as rains and rockbot hi/lo games.

Automated Betting

Advanced auto bet features are available on most of our games with support available for some of the leading bot systems such as madroller and dicebot.


In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is Tezdice.Com Casino Scam or Not?

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