The cryptocurrencies market is going in 3 different directions

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Different Directions in The cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies market is going in 3 different directions. There is one part that you can consider it as the Meme Coins. Coins like Dogecoin that was started as jokes . Other coins are classified as investing and entertaining coins. It is a hard thing to predict what would happen to them if the future. But we can certainly say that they are having a big future in the ecosystem. The second part of ecosystem that we are going to talk about it is, Bitcoin. Bitcoin has tied up itself to a precious place that is called digital gold. financial services are using them.Bitcoin price is being compared with the price gold a lot, in the next item we will mention that it is better that gold and why. Also, about Ethereum is going to be one of the ecosystem that we are talking about.

Bitcoin is Better than Gold

We can say this for sure that Bitcoin is so much better than Gold. Bitcoin has the most attention inthe cryptocurrencies market. When the price of gold goes up, people mine it more, But you cannot do the same thing with Bitcoin. Bitcoin price goes up when everyone buys some amount of it. This would create many participation.

The Third Ecosystem

This third one that we are talking about is Ethereum. Ethereum is making an ecosystem around decentralized financial services, and people and also the market will be driven by these demands in growth of that ecosystem. These three different stories, so these markets can be very different. We won’t be talking about crypto as a whole and we will talk about Ethereum ecosystem when Bitcoin buy you proposition.

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