The Doge Father Spoke About New Use of Dogecoin

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Elon Musk ,Tesla CEO, choosed a funny about Dogecoin mining. The idea is making a hot tub that would depend on the warmth generated by Dogecoin mining. This hollow plan is shared by Twitter account of the leading crypto portfolio tracker Blockfolio.
Musk is leading Dogecoin’s development since accepting DOGE for a satellite mission. This could not be unseemly to think that it could be another project in the way.
Dogecoin uses the proof-of-work consensus algorithm, which it means that it needs computing assets for churning out new coins.
As we said before, in other articles or news, the coin itself, Dogecoin, can be a joke. But, the miners of this altcoin, Dogecoin, gained some big time money.
They did that by their incomes skyrocketing over 4,500 percent in 2021. That was because of growing transaction fees, as claimed by ByteTree data.
Dogecoin made by a Scrypt-based cryptocurrency, which makes it less energy-intensive compared to Bitcoin.
Because of Doge double mining model, it can only be merge-mined together with other crypto coins like Litecoin.

The Idea of Using Recycled Heat

Just like electric cars, the idea of recycling heat from miners isn’t entirely new.
Czech entrepreneur Kamil Brejcha bring this idea up by replacing traditional heaters with his mining rigs to plant tomatoes in his greenhouse. That was 2018!
Many crypto mining firms provide tools that can be attached to the heating systems of businesses offices and houses.

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