After the crash, now it looks like the cryptocurrency market is seeing slightly strength again. Some Altcoins are performing exceptionally well and showing strong growth. Here are the top 5 performing Altcoins of this week.


It is a decentralized network based on Polkadot Code. Despite the fact that it is intended as an experimental network, the coin price has surged sharply over the past few weeks. In the last 7 days, the KSM price has climbed by almost +41.5%, which makes it the number one on top 5 Altcoins list of this week. The general hype about Polkadot could be responsible for the good performance of the price of the Kusama.

2- Celsius

Celsius Network was in top 5 of last week too. This week, the project again displayed significant growth. Celsius is a DeFi platform on Ethereum for decentralized lending. In the last week, the CEL price has surged by almost +38. In addition to the DeFi hype, the integration of PAX-Gold on the platform could be reason for the increase in the token price.

3- YAM v2

YAM v2 is the revival of YAM, an Ethereum project that failed due to a code bug. Like YAM, the project aims to create a stablecoin on the US dollar. In the last week, the YAMV2 price has increased by almost +35. The general hype surrounding DeFi could be main reason for the strong performance of the token price.

4- Quant

Quant is a project that is based on interblockchain communication. Blockchains can exchange messages in a decentralized manner via the developed infrastructure. In the last days, the QNT price has increased by almost +29 that put it in top Altcoin list of this week. The announcement of a collaboration with Amazon and Oracle probably increased the price.


NEO is often known as the Chinese Ethereum. The project was initially called Antshares. NEO supports smart contracts and dApps. In the last week, the NEO price has increased by almost +18. A new innovative software upgrade could be the reason for this rise.