Top 10 celebrities who own Bitcoin (BTC)

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In 2021, international celebrities are among the Bitcoin investors. In this post, we introduce the top 10 celebrities who own Bitcoin. Note that some celebrities prefer to publicly endorse BTC-related businesses instead of revealing how much Bitcoin is in their portfolios.

During Bitcoin’s early years, the flagship cryptocurrency had very little “cool factor,” its public image being that of a dodgy new technology championed mainly by computer nerds and Dark Web criminals. Just a few people knew of its existence, and most of them simply ignored it. 

BTC recently hit an ATH above $60,000, making early investors millionaires and embittering those that have missed the boat. With mass adoption approaching, Bitcoin is cool in 2021— we see not only tech people, but celebrities across the planet talking about it.

1. Elon Musk

Despite his initial public skepticism regarding cryptos, Elon Musk is likely the Bitcoin community’s most influential person despite constantly poking fun at crypto on Twitter, thanks to his rockstar scientist image and over 46 million followers. In January 2021, all hell broke loose after he added “#Bitcoin” to his Twitter bio, causing BTC’s price to surge by 25%. 

Musk, who briefly became the richest person in the world in January 2021, previously called Bitcoin’s design “brilliant” back in 2019 and has recently made his support for the digital currency public. Moreover, his company, Tesla, has also announced investing $1.5 billion in BTC, which makes up 7.7% of Tesla’s gross cash position and roughly 15% of the net cash position. 

As far as the public knows, he owns only 0.25 BTC, which was gifted by a friend some years ago. Musk also has a much-publicized love affair with original meme coin Doge and is the main reason the currency’s price has skyrocketed in 2021. 

2. Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, is a diehard Bitcoin investor. His love for cryptocurrency dates back to 2017 when he started advocating for the king coin. When the crypto market crashed in 2018, Dorsey was unfazed, calling BTC the future world currency, despite the digital currency being at its lowest point in several years.

In March 2019, Dorsey had said that he spends several thousand dollars weekly to buy Bitcoin. 

Apart from his holdings, Dorsey’s payment company, Square, purchased 4,709 Bitcoins in October 2020, no doubt under his direction. Dorsey also runs his Bitcoin node, which means that he can mine and verify transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

3. Mike Tyson

The famous former boxer and social media star Mike Tyson saw the potential in Bitcoin earlier than other celebrities, debuting his support for the cryptocurrency in 2015, stating that he is “grateful” to be part of the revolution. That same year, he partnered with Bitcoin ATM manufacturers, a move that saw BTC ATMs bear his face tattoo. Moreover, “Iron Mike” collaborated with Bitcoin Direct to launch a mobile BTC wallet.

4. Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams was involved in the crypto world in November 2020. Through her Twitter account, she asked her followers for advice on whether to “go long on Bitcoin,” a tweet that attracted more than 900,000 people, with more than half of them advising her against it. 

Fortunately, her mind was already made up, saying “Thank you for the advice, I bought some anyway.” Smart girl, as the price more than quadrupled since!

5. Mark Cuban

Billionaire shark tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, whose net worth is estimated at $4.2 billion, seems to have a love-hate relationship with crypto. At one point, he advised people to put at least 10% of their portfolio in Bitcoin, then later admitted that he’d rather own bananas than BTC! In April 2020, he disclosed his BTC holdings, which were valued at a paltry $130 (now worth around $635). However, he later clarified that he has held many other cryptocurrencies since the early days of Coinbase.

Later he encouraged people to “go buy everything in Bitcoin.” However, he also admitted that the only time he would invest a massive amount of money into Bitcoin is when it’ll be possible to spend the virtual currency without having to convert it to fiat money.

The TV star and mogul also owns the Dallas Mavericks, a basketball team that has accepted Bitcoin for tickets through BTC payment processes BitPay since 2019.

6. Snoop Dogg

IN 2012, the American rapper was ahead of the curve, making his music available for purchase using Bitcoin. Each album had a price label of 0.3 BTC, which seems so expensive at the current Bitcoin price. 

However, it’s not clear how many albums he has sold nor is it known how much BTC he holds. Nevertheless, he continues to support crypto and has shown a similar fondness of Dogecoin like Elon Musk. 

7. Steven Seagal

Although his actual Bitcoin holdings are not known, Seagal has been a common face in the crypto sector. Unfortunately, he has also been linked with shady crypto assets. In 2020, Seagal was charged by the US SEC for “unlawfully touting” a BTC rival. The martial arts star agreed to pay $314K as a fine.

8. Kanye West

Appearing on the Joe Rogan podcast, Kanye West expressed his support for the flagship cryptocurrency, saying that Bitcoiners “is the true liberation of America.” West added that BTC creates a new highway capable of creating “the next frontier of humanity.” However, it’s not yet clear how much the American rapper owns Bitcoin.

9. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The famous professional boxer is among the top celebrities who own Bitcoin. In 2017, for instance, he tweeted that he was in Beverly Hills spending his Bitcoin wealth. He even said that it was okay for fans to call him Floyd “Crypto” Mayweather. Unfortunately, in 2018, he was fined by the SEC, alongside DJ Khaled, for promoting an illegal initial coin offering (ICO).

10. Richard Branson

Richard Branson, the founder of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate Virgin Group, joined a $30 million funding round of BitPay in 2014, which is a Bitcoin payment processing platform. Although he hasn’t declared his stance or the amount of BTC that he owns, he at one time recognized “potential benefits of genuine bitcoin developments.”

Honorable Mentions

Other celebrities who hold Bitcoin include Gwyneth Paltrow and Donald Glover. In 2018, Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed Abra, a crypto wallet and exchange, and became an advisor. On the other hand, Donald Glover, the actor/rapper, known as Childish Gambino, spoke positively of Bitcoin in 2013, sagely saying that “if everything’s going to live online, why not Bitcoins.” 

Retired former UFC fighter Ben Askren is also a vocal crypto supporter, and has an especially soft spot for Litecoin. Barstool Sports founder and “El Presidente” Dave Portnoy very publicly invested in Bitcoin after a visit from the Winklevoss twins, only to cash out at a loss in September when the price fell a week after!  He probably wishes he had HODLed right about now.


With all these famous personalities, along with top companies and institutions, betting on Bitcoin, it seems that the revolution is in full force. Although it’s unclear when the digital currency will actually be mass adopted or if and how long it can sustain this price, we know for sure that it has value in the eyes of the most influential people on the earth.

Additionally, the above list of top ten celebrities who own Bitcoin is by no means exhaustive. Countless other renowned people across the globe are tweeting, sharing, and talking about their views on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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