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tycoon Ico Review

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Tycoon serves as a secured interface between professional traders and end users. All activities of the traders are monitored via a secured API connection in real time and can be copied to a follower’s portfolio automatically. Each user manages his own investments at his preferred exchange, being able to access his portfolio at any time. The followers can freely assign a part of their volume to each selected trader and set an individual stop loss. Selecting multiple traders allows for diversifying investments to optimize your portfolio management.

The followers can freely assign a part of their volume to each selected trader and set an individual stop loss. Selecting multiple traders allows for diversifying investments to optimize your portfolio management.

To ensure all users have a safe experience, the platform is developed with the highest security standards and under continuous assessment through individual algorithms.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2020-03-28 – 2020-04-26
Token Name Tycoon Token 
Token Symbol  TYC
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.1 USD
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Country USA
Restricted Country None

More About tycoon:

Tycoon – the first Social Trading platform developed by Professional Traders.
If you read this then you have probably been for the lookout for a Social Trading platform that is focussed on Crypto. And you probably have tried some solutions that did not satisfy you. That is exactly where Tycoon is coming from. As Professional Traders the founders of this project have evaluated all available Social Trading Platforms for personal use, but were unable to find a solution that has been developed with the Trader in mind. Most of the existing solutions do not meet the needs of Professional Traders. As a result there is weak adoption and limited use for Retail Traders. Our aim is to entirely change this game.
Issues with existing Social Trading Platforms. If a Social Trading platform is not able to tick the boxes that Pro Traders are looking for, then there will never be a real adoption by them. And without having a threshold of professional traders that are using the platform on a daily basis, there is limited use for Retail Traders who want to copy the trading strategies of the Pro‘s. Therefore the founders of this project decided to develop
their own platform that addresses all those needs, ensuring to meet the demands of professional traders to achieve real adoption. Only if Pro Traders adopt the platform it can become beneficial for a Retail Trader who is new to the game or want to explore the tactics and strategies that more experienced traders are using to understand what makes them successful.
Trading Crypto Currencies for profit is more challenging than trading stocks or traditional
currencies, and even in traditional markets there are approximately less than 10% of traders who beat the market consistently. While the Crypto Currency Market offers an easier entry for less experienced traders, there are many more pitfalls than one would encounter trading in traditional markets. Most Retail Traders who begin trading in Crypto Currencies therefore experience that it is far easier to loose than to win, especially if you trade lower time frames. You need to be glued to your computer 24/7, not only observing all technical indicators but also monitor the developments and events in the market closely. More often than not you can witness the value of Crypto Currencies plummeting despite all technical indicators signaling buy opportunities.
Only to find out in hindsight that there was another unfortunate event causing a sell off, whether that might be caused by a real event as a hack or theft or simply fud and misinformation. On top of that, most tactics you learn in other markets can not always be applied, whether that might be technical indicators or fundamental analysis.
If you have less than 2 years experience in this market and are not familiar with analyzing historical price action, Market Dynamics, Macro Trend Analysis, Risk Management (to name a few) then there is a high degree of probability you will not succeed instantly to turn a profit through trading this market. The more likely scenario is that after the first year trading you will be in a loss, despite allocating a big portion of your day to understand the dynamics of the market and making better informed decisions moving forward. Hence this is also why there is an increasing demand in this market for trading platforms that allow you to reduce the risk by following already successful traders. Traders that have no interest to share their strategies with a following base, but you do not mind to be transparent about their trades so followers can copy their trades and step up their game in the process.
Research shows that most successful traders had the privilege of getting trained by professionals in the market and have access to insights that most Retail Traders do not. The majority of these Retail Traders would need years of experience and research to even get close to the performance and win rates of the Pro‘s. Most of them do not get profitable even after years, instead they try every few months a new trading style, they start as Trend Traders, then transition to Counter Traders and finally try to Swing Trade. When none of the strategies work, they feel they need to change the tactics, walk away from using static resistance and support, and get familiar with dynamic price action as moving averages, then they try to work on higher time frames and if that does not yield results they try shorter time frames. If that also does not work, finally they try to buy rumors and sell the news. And then they are where they started, except with a lot less cash to play with. Does this happen to everyone? Of course not, the exceptions proof the rule, but there is
simply a high degree of probability the journey will be quite similar to the one described.
We talked to dozens of Retail Traders who shared comparable stories.
Wouldn‘t it be beneficial if there was a short cut, if you could locate Pro Traders with a sophisticated ranking system, to meet your preferred style and then just sit back and let them do the work? You follow their trades and if a trade makes sense for you, then you simply copy the trade with a few clicks. Trading for profit could be so easy


In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is tycoon Scam or Not?
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