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UMC is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NameUMC
Token SymbolUMCC
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 UMCC = 0.1019 USD
Soft Cap6,255,241 USD
Hard Cap22,550,000 USD

More about UMC (UMCC) ICO:

The UMC platform is based on smart contracts and operates using high-speed artificial intelligence. It makes advertisements in instant messengers effective, reliable and as convenient as possible. All actions can be performed quickly and easily through the user-friendly interface. Now, it’s easy to manage advertising in instant messengers for absolutely any user – an individual, a large company, a channel owner or an experienced smm-manager. No additional costs and efforts!

SMM (Social Media Marketing) tools today are becoming more and more in-demand in messengers today. This is due to a record audience of messengers growth, and relative ease of adaptation of SMM tools for marketing purposes in messengers. However, even the most popular and advanced messengers currently do not have rich instrumental functionality, comprehensive analytics, or an ergonomic interface.

The Universal Marketing Company (UMC) platform was made to manage paid content and create SMART-advertising in messengers. In particular, as a platform-aggregator, the UMC platform is created to reduce the costs of controlling , managing and launching effective advertising campaigns in messengers The first messenger with the implementation of paid content was Telegram. The choice of platform is obvious, because Telegram has become a symbol of freedom, independence and decentralization, a symbol of the crypto industry around the world. The UMC platform provides for the most effective management of all types of content to create exactly the kind of information that will be able to meet all the audience requirements.

What problems does the UMC platform solve?

  • Provides a set of solutions and tools for a simple and understandable analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of channels and communities in social networks and messengers
  • Significantly reduces the costs of organizing the processes of promotion and development of your brand or project
  • Automates and accelerates the sales of goods / services in social networks and messengers
  • Allows you to save time and money on additional expenses, such as commissions, card blocking and problems with bank transfers
  • Solves the problem of inflated advertising prices
  • Builds an escrow system to comply with the agreements between the buyer and the performer
  • Gives the user a clear tools that allow to check the quality of the target audience in social networks and messengers

How does the UMC platform work?

  • The UMC platform operates on the basis of artificial intelligence, running on almost instantaneous computing technology In-Memory
  • UMC internal payment instrument – UMCC cryptocurrency
  • The platform uses smart contract technology to fully comply with the agreements between the customer and the performer.

With the help of the platform functionality, you can:

Reduce the number of routine actions when setting up an advertising campaign to a minimum.

In the shortest possible time to conduct an ultra-precise analysis and determine the most effective strategy for the development and monetization of your products or services.

Organize mass or targeted advertising campaigns in a few clicks (SMART advertising).

Automatically manage advertising campaigns in social networks and messengers using platform technologies based on artificial intelligence

Track the effectiveness of various types of traffic and audience intersections in different sources

Use escrow platform functionality for the automatic execution of agreements

For whom created UMC platform:

  • Advertisers
  • The owners of advertising platforms
  • Opinion leaders, bloggers
  • Channel and chat owners (active instant messenger users)

Benefits for advertisers:

The advantage of using the UMC platform for advertisers is to more easily enter the advertising market in messengers. The platform provides access to this market not only for the B2C market, but also for large companies and businesses, offering transparent methods for launching advertising campaigns and fulfilling commitments by transaction participants, which was a significant barrier for the B2B sector to distribute advertising budgets in this channel. Advertisers get a convenient analytics system. The platform offers the most effective channels and chats with a suitable target audience for the product / service and can determine in advance how much a particular target action of subscribers in the selected channels will cost based on previously obtained data from participants who have already conducted advertising campaigns in selected sites. Thus, the platform becomes “smarter” with the launch of each advertising campaign and offers its participants more and more high-quality analytics and the intended results of target indicators of advertising campaigns and selected channels. Thanks to automation, the UMC platform allows you to reduce costs and pay staff while accompanying all stages of launching and coordinating advertising.

Compliance with the agreements between platform participants in an automatic mode using a smart contract allows you to avoid the costs associated with unfair compliance with the obligations of both the customer and the contractor, making the launch of advertising campaigns more transparent and reliable process. In case of non-compliance with the terms of the transaction, the advertisers do not incur extra costs and immediately receive a refund of the money spent, and the owners of advertising platforms, in turn, become more responsible and begin to depend on their reputation.

Benefit for owners of advertising platforms:

Advertising platform owners can expand the monetization of their channels and get rid of superfluous and unnecessary actions that accompany the launch of advertising, such as:

  • Price requests (the platform itself provides information about the cost of advertising in the selected advertising channel, and also gives its own estimate of the cost of the target action, based on the results of previous launches of advertising campaigns in the selected channel)
  • Requests for placement conditions (the platform simplifies the process of communicating with advertisers as much as possible, automating it with the help of quick answers and content coordination functions in one click)
  • Registration of advertising content and link formats. Now the customer himself can issue a post using all the necessary embedded solutions inside the platform and clicking the “send for approval” button to transfer the advertising post to the publication
  • Coordination of the time of advertising posts (the platform automatically provides information when the advertiser requests for free slots for the advertising calendar, allowing you to avoid unnecessary actions to keep records and transfer information to each advertiser about the availability of free slots in the calendar grid of the owner of the advertising platform)
  • Acceptance of payments (payments are accepted by the internal token of the platform, allowing you to avoid card blocking for frequent receipts, wasting time on the responses of bank employees on receipts and without delays from third parties and financial organizations)

Opportunities for opinion leaders:

The platform allows you to sell advertising in the opinion leader channels in the most convenient and automated way. Using the UMC platform, opinion leaders can automate the sale of paid content on their sites, solve the problem of the lack of such an opportunity in the built-in functionality of the advertising platform, receiving remuneration with the platform’s internal token, which will allow you to receive payments as quickly and safely as possible and no longer spend money on accepting payments through third-party services, and perform the most useful for your community – the maintenance of high-quality content.

Indispensability for channel owners and chats:

For all active users of messengers using the UMC platform, you can work with content in a single interface or via UMC bots in messengers, without having to arrange posts through many different bots with limited functionality and third-party services, which significantly reduces the work with content and saves time. The platform has all the necessary basic functions built in to design content from the Markdown markup to creating reaction buttons and working with text and photos.

An important tool is the availability of automated analytics of advertising sites and counting the intersection of the audience. This greatly simplifies the work when choosing advertising channels to advertise your channel or inter-PR, as well as when buying channels.

Using the UMC platform, users will be able to track the number of bots in the analyzed channels, evaluate the audience from the point of view of activity (active actions over a period of time) and receive basic information necessary to fully assess the advertising platform and make a decision on cooperation with it.

Token UMCC

The UMC platform provides payments by the internal platform token created on the basis of Ethereum smart contact, which allows you to pay for all functionality as quickly and conveniently as possible without the risk of blocking bank cards, without transaction delays and unnecessary document circulation, which allows advertisers to more effectively use all the tools and opportunities of UMC without problems from a financial point of view. The number of tokens produced is 465 million. The starting sale price is 0.1 USD


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UMC (UMCC) ICO Scam or Not?

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