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    Varanida is a decentralized advertising network made for users who want a better Internet experience, publishers who want to maximize revenues, and advertisers who want guaranteed performance.

    Varanida is enabling a new era for the Internet, where all parties are fairly compensated for the value they bring to the whole ecosystem.

    Decentralized Ad Validation

    Varanida users can collectively vote on the quality and relevancy of ads, brands, and websites. Scores are stored in our blockchain for transparency.

    Private Data Encryption

    Varanida has built a “Data Wallet” where users own their personal data through their private key. Data is encrypted in AES, and signed through ECDSA.

    High Throughput Transactions

    Our decentralized Real Time Bidding system will be built on our blockchain, with support for high transaction rates.

    Essential Information

    Ico Time
    2018-09-28 – 2020-03-31
    Token Name varanida
    Token Symbol VAD
    Whitepaper View Whitepaper
    Website Link https://www.varanida.com
    0.05 EUR
    BTC, ETH
    Soft Cap
    8,000,000 USD
    Hard cap
    60,000,000 USD
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Country France
    Restricted Country
    USA, North Korea, New Zealand, China, Australia

    More About varanida:

    As advertising has taken over the Internet, users are the ones who suffer under its increasing load, both literally and figuratively. Advertising and targeting scripts slow down pages, congest bandwidth, and collect massive amounts of user data. Increased advertising supply has decreased the revenue generated per ad, so publishers fight to stay alive by placing more and more advertising on their pages, and making that advertising more and more invasive, degrading the user experience even further. In 2017, more than $228 billion was spent on digital advertising globally, but Internet users and publishers received only a small portion of that value, while creating most of it.
    1.1 Users Are Overwhelmed By Bad Ads The world’s first banner ad debuted in October of 1994, and immediately attracted the attention of Internet users. Of those who saw the ad, 44% clicked on it[1]. Fast forward to 2018, and the average clickthrough rate is now 0.05%[2].
    So what happened between then and now? Clicks and Conversions Are Decreasing Users are overwhelmed with ads. 87% of users agree that there are more ads in general, and 91% of users agree that ads are more intrusive today compared to
    two to three years ago[3].
    As more advertising is placed on each page, users have trained themselves to ignore advertising and focus on content. According to one study, 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness, where they don’t recall any of the ads that they’ve seen[4]. Another study found that only 14% of shoppers said they were aware of brands’ digital ads, and only 10% said they were influenced by them[5].
    It naturally follows that when ads aren’t being seen, they also aren’t being clicked on. While the original banner ad had a 44% click-through rate (CTR) in 1994, that rate dropped to 2% just one year later, and was down to 0.5% by 1998[6]. Now the average CTR hovers around 0.05%, which means most advertising just sits there on the page and no one interacts with it.
    However, users are interested in quality advertising, as 83% of users in a recent survey agreed that not all ads are bad, but they want the ability to filter out the really obnoxious ads and gain back control over what advertising they see[7].
    Privacy Concerns Are Increasing If you’ve shopped for something in an online store, only to be followed around the Internet by ads for that item, you’re probably aware of how your data is 3 being used by companies to track and target you. One study found that 79% of users feel that they’re being tracked as a result of retargeted ads, so those ads
    don’t go unnoticed[7].
    This leads to users feeling like they have no control over their data, as one study found that 91% of adults agree or strongly agree that consumers have lost control of how personal information is collected and used by companies, and 86% of Internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints[8].
    We’ve reached a point where companies feel that they must offer a free Internet that is subsidized by advertising, but that agreement may be falling apart.
    When a study asked about a site where access to the service would be free, but user activity on the site would be used by the site to deliver advertisements it hopes will be appealing to users, 51% of Americans did not find that bargain acceptable[9].


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