While China Cracks Down, Prices of GPUs Dropped, and Supply Increased

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Computer hardware websites are starting to see GPU stocks come back to pre-pandemic levels as prices dropped 5%-10%. Prices of graphics processing units (GPUs) are starting to come back down to normal. It is like this after reports China begin cracking down on crypto mining in the province of Sichuan.
As stated by a report by the South China Morning Post on Monday, prices for GPUs dropped by as much as two-thirds on e-commerce platforms following the crackdown. While the development is not certain for miners, gamers. Who had locked out of buying the newest cards because of global supply shortages, are rejoicing.
On Friday, the Sichuan branch of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Sichuan Energy Bureau put an order to crack down on crypto mining operations. The area is exclusively important. Because it is one of the biggest hydro-based crypto mining hubs in China.
Local computer hardware websites in Australia, containing Scroptec and Umart, are starting to see GPU stocks restart to pre-pandemic levels while prices dropped 5%-10%.
Request for cryptocurrency and the resulting price increases. Furthermore, led miners to ask out the latest cards in an offer to tap into the delight. The problem is out of hand and control. It prompted Nvidia to perform a feature known as “lite hash rate,” made to limit the GPUs’ use for crypto mining.
The news isn’t as sweet for hopeful U.S. buyers. Cards imported from China are still subject to heavy taxes. So, in spite of the fact that we may see more cards become available over the next few months. They will still sell for well above MSRP. Secondhand prices are already decreasing, however. Reddit user u/gregable charted prices on eBay from the start of the year, and the graph shows a clear reject in the going price of current-gen cards.

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