• Stack Funds, fund provider and Crypto index, has named yesterday’s pullback of Bitcoin the “healthy correction” which was needed by BTC before it continues on its rally.

    Bitcoin could move towards $100,000 in 2021 after its “healthy pullback” yesterday. The Bitcoin market psychology is presently in the stage of “belief” according to Stacks Funds. It will take some time to move on from this stage to the “euphoria” stage of this cycle.

    After posting consecutive gains of seven weeks it went through $19K early this week. The firm stated that the Bitcoin was at overbought levels from October, which accelerated further the need for this correction.

    Bitcoin Data From Glassnode

    The firm has examined metrics about the market psychology and it says that market participants currently are in a “belief stage” which will gradually flow into the “euphoria” stage.

    For supporting their idea, the fund cited Glassnode’s data regarding Bitcoin’s net profit/loss, termed as NUPL. This compares the current price of Bitcoin with when every coin moved on-chain last.

    Historically, when the total number of persons in profit is above 95%. It is seen as a market tops appropriate indicator.

    The “belief” state which Bitcoin in this month has been passing, held over a year during the bullish market of 2017. It faced a price increase of BTC from $850-$20000.It increased by around 2,250%.

    Extrapolating the pattern of the bull market 2017 to Bitcoin’s current state. the fund commented that one-quarter of this price increase will help BTC surpass $86,000 in 2021, the period in which we will enter the stage of “Euphoria” of this cycle.

    Other Analysts

    Other analysts believe that it is like a blip on a road. Mati Greenspan, Founder, Quantum Economics, said that this correction is already bottoming out. He added that a pullback of 17% is kind of tame for the current stage of this cycle.

    Lark Davis, Crypto personality pointed out that the support levels didn’t require long to stop this correction at $16,500.

    “Mayne of Tather”, a Crypto trader addressed his over 70,000 followers on Twitter that this pullback will make some beneficial buy-in opportunities regarding altcoins. Another trader called “teklordz” said that this retracement was essential. The daily RSI has been receding to the mid-level territory. He thinks that the upcoming pump would be even stronger than this one.

    Data from Santiment, an analytics firm, showed the rampant profit-taking amongst Bitcoin holders, with both long-term and short-term BTC holders having profits of 63% and 15% respectively.

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