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Introducing a new youniverse that is transforming the world of digital advertising: a decentralized, tokenized platform connecting 200 million advertisers & businesses with 4 billion users who are paid to watch ads.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2020-06-09 – 2020-08-31
Token Name youengine
Token Symbol YOUC
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
0.085 USD
Soft Cap
150,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
400,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist/KYC
Restricted Country USA, Canada, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, the Government of Venezuela orCrimea

More About :

The world is changing fast so don’t get left behind! Get your fair share and get paid to watch advertising. Join the YOUniverse where 2 million advertisers connect with 4 billion users in the world’s largest direct-to-consumer advertising platform. Why make big companies even bigger with your personal data? It is time to get your fair share! Get aboard, step into the future now!


Brands and businesses open an account and fund it with YOUcash tokens. Once logged into the platform, they can use the power of the YOUengine to target over 4 billion users globally. Whether they want to reach 10 people down the street or 10 million people around the world the YOUengine delivers real-time targeting and ad delivery for industry leading ROI. Plus, it can execute exciting ‘airdrops’ for instant merchandize or token drops that can be geo-fenced and delivered via the YOUgo mobile game.


Users download the YOLapp, create an account, go through a registration process that includes proof of identity and up to 400 fields of opt-in profile data, for example, date of birth, relationship status, location, profession, affinities and preferences like luxury cars, sports, films, fashion, foods, and more. The users are incentivized with three levels of data entry. The more data they enter, the more money they make per view. Finally, users get their fair share and get paid for their data with every ad they watch.

Blockchain technology has opened a whole new chapter of value transfer. The development of blockchain innovation has now made it possible to optimize digital advertising and provide monetary benefits that enable advertisers, businesses and consumers the ability to send and receive real-time payments effortlessly, essentially, circumventing the inefficiencies of legacy financial systems. The major advantage of blockchain technology is that it revolves around decentralization and security, offering remarkable benefits for connecting both advertisers, businesses and consumers.

Advertising, the fuel and life blood of the digital economy, is on the verge of a blockchain revolution and the goal of businesses and advertisers is to maximize marketing effects while minimizing marketing costs. In order to reach this goal, they have to target the right audience using the right channel at the right time.

We at YOU have a vision to disrupt the chaotic patterns and inefficiencies of digital advertising by building a completely new decentralized, tokenized platform that works seamlessly to connect over 200 million advertisers and businesses with 4 billion consumers and overcome the daunting challenges facing digital advertising today.


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