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Zero Carbon (ZCC) ICO Review

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Zero Carbonis a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NameZero Carbon
Token SymbolZCC
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 ZCC = 0.2 USD
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap20,000,000 USD

More about Zero Carbon (ZCC) ICO:

The Zero Carbon Project is tackling climate change using the blockchain and international carbon credits.

Renewable energy has responded well to the climate change challenge, with impressive cost reductions achieved. However, we are concerned that renewables remain too expensive and so the impact on carbon emissions is slow.

The Zero Carbon Project has 2 parts:

  1. deliver energy at a lower price than existing renewable and fossil fuel energy contracts; and
  2. to entice people to use the Zero Carbon Project, provide a blockchain-driven incentive scheme to reward consumers for engaging with the Zero Carbon Project and encourage consumer action.

The first part of our solution consists of a competitive ‘Zero Carbon Market’ which provides consumers access to cheaper energy contracts where the carbon emissions have been offset by international carbon credits.

Secondly, our blockchain economy is based on ZeroCarbon tokens that have been designed to capture the future value that customers receive form our Market. This is enabled using the distributed ledger, Ethereum smart contracts and crypto exchanges.

ZeroCarbon tokens are underpinned by concrete value as energy suppliers must use them to pay their transaction fees for using our Market. Therefore, as our consumer base grows, the demand for ZeroCarbon tokens increases, constrained by a fixed supply.

We intend that up to 70% of the transaction fees received by the Zero Carbon Project will be ‘recycled’ and provided to consumers as rewards for engaging with the Zero Carbon Project.  Energy suppliers and consumers (“Customers”) can sell ZeroCarbon tokens to other customers, including energy suppliers who purchase them to pay transaction fees. This is the ZeroCarbon economic cycle.

Progress achieved to date
The Zero Carbon Market is live and UK consumers and businesses are actively switching to zero-carbon energy. Currently, there are 36 major UK energy suppliers participating in the Zero Carbon Market driving mainstream adoption. Since the launch in October 2018 this has led to 125,310 ZCCs being traded, worth 157 ETH (as of February 4th 2020). Sign up now to see how much you could save by switching to cleaner energy. 

Track-record of innovation and execution
The Zero Carbon Project is a subsidiary of Beond which is an award-winning energy and carbon consultancy based in London. Beond is a team of 30 energy market professionals who are passionate about helping clients achieve their ambitions and also about tackling global climate change, through the application of new technologies. Our core values are integrity, innovation and quality.

Beond services over 600 energy consumers in UK including Knight Frank, Capita, The Salvation Army and Salford County Council, and has received eight awards over the last three years covering innovation, green business and consultancy services.

Zero Carbon Coin tokens are not securities or other financial products

Zero Carbon Coin tokens are not securities or any other type of financial product in Australia and as a result, disclosure is not required to be made under Parts 6D.2 or 7.9 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) of Australia. This Whitepaper has not been, and will not be, lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) or any other regulatoryor governmental body. Zero Carbon Coin tokens are not shares, debentures, bonds, options, derivatives or units in a managed investment scheme or trustand carry no rights to any capital, profit, returns or income. Zero Carbon Coin tokens are not intended to be securities or other financial products or any similar legal interest in any jurisdiction.

Purchase restrictions

The distribution and use of this Whitepaper, including any advertisement or other offering material, and the sale of Zero Carbon Coin tokens, may be restricted by law in certain jurisdictions and potential purchasers should inform themselves about those laws and observe any such restrictions. Persons into whose possession this Whitepaper or any Zero Carbon Coin tokens come must inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions. If you come into possession of the Whitepaper in a jurisdiction outside Australia, you should seek advice on, and observe, any such restrictions. If you fail to comply with such restrictions, that failure may constitute a violation of applicable law. Zero Carbon Project does not represent that any Zero Carbon Coin tokens may be lawfully purchased or otherwise dealt with in compliance with any applicable registration or other requirements in any jurisdiction outside Australia, or pursuant to an exemption available thereunder, or assume any responsibility for facilitating any such purchase or other dealing. In particular, no action has been taken by Zero Carbon Project which would permit a public sale of any Zero Carbon Coin tokens in any jurisdiction (other than Australia) where action for that purpose is required. A person may not (directly or indirectly) offer for purchase, or issue an invitation to purchase Zero Carbon Coin tokens, or distribute or publish this Whitepaper or any other marketing material or advertisement 2 relating to Zero Carbon Coin tokens, except if the offer or invitation, or distribution or publication, complies with all applicable laws, regulations and directives.

Potential purchasers must seek independent advice

Zero Carbon Project strongly recommends that you seek professional legal, financial, accounting and tax advice before you decide to purchase Zero Carbon Coin tokens. Zero Carbon Coin tokens should only be purchased by sophisticated buyers who (a) are knowledgeable and experienced in the features and risks of digital markets, digital assets, blockchain technology and smart contracts and (b) intend to use Zero Carbon Coin tokens to participate on the Zero Carbon Market.Potential purchasers should determine for themselves the relevance of the information contained in this Whitepaper (including all documents incorporated by reference) and related materials, in each case as supplemented from time to time, and the necessity for additional enquiry, research and professional advice. Any decision to participate in a token sale should be based upon such independent investigation and advice as you deem necessary. This document should not be considered as a recommendation by any person to participate in any token sale or digital market. This Whitepaper contains only summary information concerning the Market, Zero Carbon Project and Zero Carbon Coin tokens. The information contained in this Whitepaper is not intended to provide the basis of any credit or other evaluation in respect of the Market, Zero Carbon Project or Zero Carbon Coin tokens and should not be considered or relied upon as a recommendation, report or a statement of opinion by Zero Carbon Project or any person involved in the issue of the Zero Carbon Coin tokens that any recipient of this 3 Whitepaper should purchase or otherwise deal in any Zero Carbon Coin tokens or any rights in respect of Zero Carbon Coin tokens. This Whitepaper contains only general information and does not take into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any potential purchaser. If you are contemplating purchasing or otherwise dealing in Zero Carbon Coin tokens or any rights in respect of Zero Carbon Coin tokens, you should:

-make and rely upon (and you shall be taken to have made and relied upon) your own independent investigation of the features of the Zero Carbon Coin tokens and the likelihood of the Market being completed and operating successfully and the Zero Carbon Coin tokens carrying any value;

-determine for yourself the relevance of the information contained in this Whitepaper (including all documents incorporated by reference);

-consult your own tax advisers concerning the application of any tax laws applicable to your particular situation and consult other appropriate advisers in respect of any other matters upon which your require advice; and

-base your investment decision solely upon your own independent assessment and such investigation and consultation with advisers and such other investigations as you consider appropriate or necessary. No advice is given in respect of the legal or taxation treatment of purchasers of Zero Carbon Coin tokens or any other matter in connection with a purchase of Zero Carbon Coin tokens or rights in respect of them.

Licences and approvals are not assured in all jurisdictions

Zero Carbon Project intends to operate the Market in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to obtain the necessary licences and approvals in key markets. Zero Carbon Project cannot assure potential purchasers (and makes no such assurance) that any required licences or approvals will be obtained, which means that the Market may not be available in certain markets. Neither the development nor the establishment of the Market is guaranteed.

No authorisation

No person has been authorised to give any information or make any representations not contained in or consistent with this Whitepaper in connection with Zero Carbon Project, the Market or Zero Carbon Coin tokens and, if given or made, such information or representation must not be relied upon as having been authorised by Zero Carbon.

Authorised language of this Whitepaper

This Whitepaper and related materials are issued in English only. Any translation is for reference purposes only and is not certified by Zero Carbon Project or any other person. No assurance can be made as to the accuracy or completeness of any translation. If there is any inconsistency between a translation and this English version of the Whitepaper, this English version prevails.

References to websites

Any website addresses provided in this Whitepaper are for reference only and the content of any such internet site is not incorporated by reference into, and does not form part of, this Whitepaper (unless expressly stated otherwise). Zero Carbon Project takes no responsibility for the content of any website referred to in this Whitepaper.


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